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Our Story

Slough Foot Hunting Club was formed in 2005 by a group of friends and family that enjoy hunting whitetail deer and turkey. We as a group believe that hunting is conservation and we follow and practice the same principles of hunting ethics when in the field. We have the utmost respect of the game hunted and their habitat. We believe in fair chase and only hunt free range animals, no high fences! We try to do our part to pass down the passion of hunting and the outdoors to our youth, with the hopes that future generations can carry on this tradition. Our current members are Kenneth, Tony, Justin, Travis, Troy, and all the young guns that come along with us.

The Club

Located in Henderson County, TN, this 725 acre pine plantation is leased and managed through Molpus Woodlands Group. Situated just south of 500 acre Pine Lake, this land is made up of pines, rolling hills, and creek bottoms with some oaks scattered throughout that were left standing during logging. In 2017 the mature pines were harvested leaving a checkerboard pattern of half grown pines and fresh cut-overs, leaving an abundance of natural browse and cover for wildlife. We manage several small food plots on the property, mostly clover, oats, rye, and brassicas in the winter. Soybeans, cowpeas, and corn, are often planted in the summer.